1. Landscaping Solutions and Maintenance

We are able to provide a range of landscaping solutions depending upon your requirements. Right from the supply and installation of Grass, gravel, irrigation works, decorative stones, landscaping ideas and turn-key solutions, we are able to be your one stop shop for all these services. With this, we are also able to provide maintenance contracts either on a monthly or yearly basis where our team will come in and do maintenance on the landscaped area. We are able to undertake the landscaping and maintenance in any area around Dubai.

2. AC / MEP Works with Annual Maintenance Contracts

AC’s not cooling, especially in Summer? We have in house AC technicians that are experienced to work on all types of AC units. We can provide supply and installation of new AC units for either your villa, factory or warehouse as well as provide annual maintenance contracts for all your units. Ideally, the AC units should be serviced once every three months as dust is the biggest culprit for AC malfunctions. With the MEP works, we are able to undertake plumbing and electrical works. We are currently installing new cables for a new machine installation for one of our clients and hence this is also something we can do. We can also offer turn-key solutions for MEP works on a quarterly and annual basis.

3. Water Tank Installation / Cleaning Contract

All corporate and villa water tanks tend to develop algae over time and need to be washed to ensure the water being used in the house/office/factory is of good quality. We will come in and wash your water tanks for you ensuring that they are kept clean at all times. With our use of Dubai Municipality approved chemicals, your water tank should be kept very clean at all times. We recommend doing the water tank cleaning works once every three months to ensure any dust that comes inside the tank is removed and not allowed to settle down.

4. Warehouse Washing

With our qualified cleaning team, we are able to clean the walls of your warehousing facility to ensure your facility looks clean for any guests or delegates you would have visiting your site. We will use a jet washer and clean the sides of the warehouse with the required chemicals to keep it shiny and clean. We also recommend painting the sides of the warehouse once every year to keep it intact and keep your facility looking in tip-top shape.

5. General Cleaning and Maintenance with Pest Control

We are able to provide interior as well as exterior cleaning works for your facility or villa area. With our various options on cleaning that can range from a one-off clean to a yearly contract, we are able to provide interior cleaning works (on a part-time or full-time basis) or then exterior cleaning works for your interlocking and outside common areas. With this, we are also able to provide pest control services for all areas keeping away those unwanted insects.

6. Interior and Exterior Painting & Cleaning Works.

We have in house qualified painters who can paint the interiors and exteriors of your property, factory or warehouse. We have had clients in the past who wanted their exterior warehouses painted which we have offered and successfully completed for them. Even if it is one room or then the whole area, please let us know and we will offer our best quote for the works.

7. Car Parking Shades

We are able to provide car parking shades for any number of cars that might be required for your facility or even your villa. Right from the foundation required to the pillars, frame and car parking cloth with all accessories, we will do a complete fit-out job that will keep your cars cooler for longer periods of time.

8. Roofing Works / Warehouse Façade / Interior & Exterior Wall Cracks Repairing

In case you might have any roof sheets that are making noise at the top of your warehouse facility, we are able to come in and rectify this for you. We can also undertake waterproofing solutions for the entire roof area in case you might have any leakages from the roof top area. With this, we can also modify / repair the insulation underneath the roof sheets and install transparent roof sheet where required to allow sunlight to come into the warehousing facility that will help save on electricity. We are also able to undertake warehouse façade works and in case you might have interior and exterior wall cracks repairing works, we will be able to fix these as well. We have our team of qualified carpenters who can repair any cracks in the wall.

9. Civil works that include boundary walls and interlocking:

We have undertaken interlocking and boundary wall works within Jafza itself having laid areas in excess of 3500 square meters of interlocking for our clients and created boundary wall running the length of 80 meters and more. With this, we are also able to create small security rooms as well as various civil works that would be required.